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Who Killed September Falls?

Emotional, compelling murder mystery

About this book:

Death was unexpected and savage and it came quickly. September Falls, a rising star in the art world, was beautiful and charismatic, she was also a tormented soul. As her fame grew, she became used to the attention of many admirers, a passionate woman in a man’s world, using and abusing those who dared to come to close. Complex and lost, and at times, selfish, she didn’t deserve to die.

As the news broke, Arianne felt frozen in time. She felt she would never recover from the death of her best friend. She was alone, totally alone and it was as if all the light had gone from her life. Knowing that her friend had died so brutally and all alone in France hurt her deeply. Arianne was supposed to have been there with her and guilt weighed heavily as she wondered whether she could have protected her friend. As the weeks passed and the French police seem no closer to discovering the identity of the murderer, Arianne, a journalist, determines that she would fly to France to retrace September’s last steps and to try to make sense of the murder.

As Arianne seeks to uncover the truth, she realises that nothing is as it seemed. September had kept many secrets and this new-found knowledge threatens the very foundations of their friendship. Arianne feels hurt and betrayed but suddenly, becomes aware that she is being followed. Someone is lurking in the shadows watching her every move. Now, it is about surviving. Can Arianne catch the killer before the killer catches her?

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